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(Model#: LRFGC2706S) LG 3 Door French Door

(Model#: LRFGC2706S) LG 3 Door French Door

$2,899.00 Regular Price
$1,739.00Sale Price

Key Features for LRFGC2706S:

  • Largest Counter Depth Capacity (27 cu. ft.)
  • Edge-to-Edge InstaView™ Window (The "InstaView™" aspect means that with a simple knock on the glass, it becomes transparent, revealing the contents of the refrigerator.)
  • Internal Water Dispenser (An "Internal Water Dispenser" is like a tap inside the fridge. It gives you cold, filtered water without a big dispenser on the front. You just press a button inside to get the water. It's a neat way to have cold water without opening the fridge door.)
  • Ice Maker
  • Door Cooling+ ("Door Cooling+" is a feature in some refrigerators that enhances cooling in the door compartments. It ensures that the items stored in the doors stay consistently cold by directing extra cool air to those areas. This helps maintain a more even temperature throughout the fridge, keeping your food fresher for longer.)
  • ThinQ® Technology with ThinQ Care ("ThinQ® Technology with ThinQ Care" is LG's smart feature that lets you control and monitor your appliance using your phone. It offers convenience and proactive support for better appliance care.)
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