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15222 George Oneal Rd,

Baton Rouge, LA 70817


925 Behrman Hwy #8,

Terrytown, LA 70056


3330 Johnston St,

Lafayette, LA 70506



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are these appliances new?
    We specialize in Scratch & Dent appliances. Occasionally when an appliance leaves the factory, it may have a scratch or dent on it somewhere. These appliances are fully operational, but the cosmetic issues were discovered before customer delivery. We test each appliance once received, and again before leaving to any customers home.
  • Do you have warranty?
    Yes, we offer 1 year warranty with all appliances purchased through us, and can be purchased up to 4 years. All of our warranties are protected through our third party company CPS. Once you purchase your appliance, you will register it online with CPS and enjoy the benefits of having your appliance protected.
  • Do you deliver and install?
    Yes, We not only will deliver all appliance purchased, we also offer installation services for all appliances. The prices may vary depending on which Appliance. Additionally, we offer customer pickup so you can pickup yourself if you would rather, but installation is only available with our delivery service.
  • Do you offer financing?
    Yes, we have in house financing with Koalifi. The process only takes a couple of minutes to apply, and no credit checks necessary. Once approved you're all set to take home your appliance same day, or have it delivered and installed by us.
  • Why are the prices so low? Are they good quality?
    All of our appliances are never used so in perfect working order. The reason the prices are so much lower than other stores is due to any cosmetic damage the item may have. When an appliance suffers any cosmetic damage, it is brought to us due to them not being able to be sold as "Brand New" by the bigger chains, even if never used and came straight from the factory. We evaluate the quality of every appliance before we price them and determine the lowest price we can set.
  • Are you willing to negotiate price?
    We do not bargain or negotiate any set prices on appliances. When we receive any appliance we evaluate the quality and inspect any cosmetic damage the item may have. Once we determine the lowest price we can set, we cannot change it due to it already being as low as we can go. Any and all damage is purely cosmetic, the functioning quality of all appliances is in perfect working order.
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