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Join the Appliances 4 Less LA family! We're excited to announce that we are currently hiring. At Appliances 4 Less LA, we value dedication, innovation, and a customer-centric approach. If you're ready to take on new challenges and contribute to our success, apply now and become a valuable member of our team!


Business Analyst

1.    Prepare and present standard or customized summarized reports, including business, financial and/or customer analysis for review of colleagues and senior managers.

2.    Gather, manage, and analyze data related to market trends, consumer’s shopping preference, habits, and demographics; research competitor’s pricing strategy and product range, and generate reports accordingly for review of managing team.

3.    Collect business intelligence data from available industry reports, public information, field reports, or purchased sources.

4.    Design digital marketing strategies on different platforms, including but not limited to Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and  Nextdoor; monitor, measure, and analyze performance of digital marketing campaigns, created databases to store such electronic data and generate reports of related database, spreadsheets, and/or outputs on a regular basis.

5.    Develop and maintain models, intelligences tools, communication procedures, databases, systems, and methods using SQL and R studio and dashboard with tableau.

6.    Identify, analyze and monitor current and/or potential consumers, using intelligence tools, perform cost benefit and needs assessments analysis, and to provide better services to consumers.

7.    Monitor, analyze, and maintain product& material inventory and procedures to optimize production.

8.    Monitor and analyze the supply chain and provide suggestions of possible improvements.

Minimum Requirements:

• Master’s degree in Business Analytics

• Knowledge in SQL, Google Analytics, and Data Analysis in Spreadsheets are required for the position


If interested, please mail resume to:

 Qingning Appliances LLC

Attn: HR

15222 George Oneal Road

Baton Rouge, LA 70817


Appliance Repair Technician

1.    Conduct thorough examinations of malfunctioning home appliances to identify and diagnose the root cause of issues.

2.    Perform necessary repairs, replacements, or adjustments to restore faulty home appliances to optimal working condition. This includes fixing or replacing defective parts.

3.    Utilize technical manuals, diagnostic tools, and problem-solving skills to troubleshoot complex issues in various home appliances.

4.    Identify and order replacement parts as needed, ensuring compatibility with the specific make and model of the home appliance being repaired.

5.    Adhere to safety protocols and guidelines while working on electrical appliances to minimize the risk of accidents and ensure a safe working environment.


Delivery Team

1.    Load home appliances onto delivery vehicles in a safe and organized manner, ensuring that products are secure during transit.

2.    Efficiently plan delivery routes to optimize time and fuel consumption, ensuring timely and accurate deliveries to customers.

3.    Conduct regular inspections of delivery vehicles to ensure they are in proper working condition, addressing any maintenance or safety concerns promptly.

4.    Safely transport home appliances to customer locations, carefully unloading and positioning items in accordance with customer preferences and delivery instructions.

5.    Provide excellent customer service during the delivery process, including friendly and professional communication, answering questions, and addressing any concerns the customer may have.


Sales Associate

1.    Provide assistance and guidance to customers in selecting the most suitable home appliances based on their needs, preferences, and budget.

2.    Stay updated on the features and specifications of various home appliances to effectively communicate product benefits and address customer queries.

3.    Provide accurate and transparent pricing information, generate quotations, and explain any promotional offers or discounts to customers.

4.    Efficiently process sales orders, ensuring accuracy and timely delivery of products. Coordinate with the relevant departments to fulfill customer requirements.

5.    Build and maintain positive relationships with customers, addressing any post-sales inquiries, concerns, or warranty-related issues.

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