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(Model#: LFCS22520S) LG 3 Door French Door

(Model#: LFCS22520S) LG 3 Door French Door

$1,999.00 Regular Price
$1,199.00Sale Price

Key Features of the LG LFCS22520S French Door Refrigerator:


  • Capacity: This refrigerator offers a generous 22 cubic feet of storage space, providing ample room for groceries and beverages.

  • French Door Design: The French door layout combines style with practicality. The upper section has two side-by-side doors that open to reveal the fresh food compartment, and the freezer is located at the bottom.

  • Spill-Proof Shelving: Adjustable shelves designed to prevent spills from leaking onto lower shelves, keeping your fridge clean and organized.

  • Glide-N-Serve Drawer: A full-width drawer that provides additional storage space for larger items or deli trays.

  • Humidity-Controlled Crispers: Specialized drawers with humidity control settings to help keep fruits and vegetables fresher for longer.

  • Energy Efficiency: Designed with energy-saving features to reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills.

  • LED Lighting: Bright and energy-efficient LED lights illuminate the interior of the fridge, making it easy to find what you need.

  • Ice Maker: Many models come equipped with an ice maker, providing you with a steady supply of ice cubes.

  • Exterior Design: The exterior design may feature a stainless steel finish for a sleek and modern look in your kitchen.

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